Water Engineering

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Perit Philip Grech Is locally uniquely qualified in water aspects of civil engineering and this meshes with his skills as a perit.   He has 7 years of service managing major Government water projects as Director.  He had a key role in developing, procuring the financing and implementing a 20-year National Sewerage Master Plan. He also has given over 25 years of independent consultancy to many levels of client: from the Courts and the Planning Authority to communities and citizens with local problems.


He is well placed to give expert consultancy in all fields of water and drainage, environmental management and waste

dock 1 regeneration project -  cottonera

Perit Philip Grech worked on the Dock 1 regeneration project in Cottonera. The Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation conceived this inner harbour scheme in order to convert a previously disused historic dock. It was part of a complex of commercial drydocks still in use, into an urban and green landscaped hub with fully serviced vaults. The scheme also dealt with mitigation or seasonal floodwaters, impounding, treatment and re-use of rainwater for irrigation, conjoint use of sewage effluent treated by membrane filtration and phytoremediation for irrigation, control of high brackish coastal groundwater by french drain and new sewage and road drainage layouts. 

Salina Wetland restoration

An existing seasonal wetland at Salina being managed by Birdlife was investigated to examine the possibility of augmenting the inflow of water to increase its wetted areas and thus attract more wildlife.  The source of the existing water was arrived at by deduction over a dry and wet period, besides quality and depth indicators.  A proposal to import water by collecting clean urban run-ff from neighbouring Qawra was proposed.

Reservoir construction

Maria Assumpta College, Santa Venera - The location of this school in a campus of 2 others (Adelaide Cini and Guardian Angel) are at a downstream area of an urbanised catchment and thus are susceptible to rainwater flooding.  Philip B. Grech & Associates were commissioned by the Education Division to solve the problem, and after a site investigation, a reservoir was designed and built to store and provide re-use potential for rainwater collected in pipework also designed and laid as part of the scheme all over the Maria Assumpta College campus.

Industrial zone Gozo flood relief

The Hofra zone at Xewkija in Gozo is susceptible to flooding from the upstream catchment and the project was to design the containment of the site rainwater, its storage and channelisation of overflow to safe downstream disposal.

Pembroke stormwater assessment

Adjacent to a low-density urban area a large and more intensive educational and technical development was proposed and the impact of the project on the local hydrology was assessed for the Planning Authority.  A system of channelisation to existing watercourses and storage recommendations were made.


This project for Enemed involved the assessment of the hydrological impact of a project of an above ground fuel storage.  The project site of influence extended over the existing airport runway, and incorporated an investigation into the present abandoned soakaway at Has Saptan upstream of the site.

Pama Stormwater Management


Philip B. Grech & Associates were commissioned by MedDesign Associates on behalf of PG Holdings to design the sewerage and stormwater for the redevelopment of an old suburban tile factory into a hypermarket “Pama” shopping village. The site was 32,000 square metres; a stormwater reservoir was incorporated for re-use and flood mitigation.

Mater Dei sewerage

Philip B. Grech & Associates in collaboration with Building Consultancy Services won the tender issued by the Foundation for Medical Services for the design, tender specification and supervision of works for a 400mm diameter 1.4km sewer main from Mater Dei Hospital to Gzira pumping station.  The route passed half way around the University Ring Road and through the Gzira urban area, and cost nearly €230,000.

Sewer investigations and repair

Defective sewers at this institution for elderly priests were causing sewage overflows to the surface.  It was established that certain lengths needed replacement as they were severely cracked and also badly installed.  Rodent infestations aggravated the situation.  The lengths were identified using closed circuit TV and then replaced while the sewers remained in service.

Sewer replacement

A reported blockage in the sewers at the Infetti training ground of Birkirkara FC was traced to defective pipework, after an investigation by CCTV, plotting, and analysis of the results.  The sewers were taken up, relaid, and tested prior to being commissioned.

Cottonera Sewer Scheme

AThis commission included the infrastructural servicing of a redevelopment of a historical quayside at Birgu.  Palazzi and vaults from the time of the Knights of St. John, together with the ex-Royal Navy Bakery, were transformed into an area incorporating a hotel and casino, apartments, a maritime museum, restaurants and a superyacht marina.   


A Master plan for the sanitary sewers and stormwater facilities was drawn up by PBGA to service the three consortia on-site, and in total 4 pumping stations were installed.  Sealed integral units were used for the smaller stations to avoid leakage possibilities. Pump-out facilities for the yachts, a first for the Maltese Islands, featured prominently.  Integrating the services with fuel and power lines at sea level was also a major characteristic.  Philip B. Grech & Associates also provided detailed design, site supervision and certification.

Casa Leone sewer replacement

This historical building in Sliema now used as an old people’s home, had developed several defects in its external sewers which were detected by CCTV.  Leakages and broken pipes were detected. The entire sewer system was relaid, re-connected and strengthened.